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The mission of Worthington Cotillion is to develop self-esteem and build confidence in children by teaching timeless etiquette and social skills in a safe, fun, formal environment while empowering them to respectfully interact with others through dance instruction and table manners.

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All those Worthington Cotillion classes and Etiquette classes served my son well at last weekend's Homecoming dinner and dance! Thanks, Worthington Cotillion!

I watched both of my kids and so many of their friends grow in confidence each week. They realized through some discomfort comes growth.

For any parents (or grandparents) on the fence about this opportunity...go for it!! In a perfect world, this would be school curriculum! Move over Common Core for some life-skill training that's fun and useful.

Since Cotillion my children have experienced other uncomfortable environments and each time I see more poise.

My daughter understands asking others questions about themselves, she no longer acts goofy to mask her discomfort and realizes fun can be had in any attire.

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They are more comfortable dancing at school dances, family weddings, even a talent show.

It’s always lovely, well put together and a memory they will have forever. Thanks for all you do to enrich their lives!

My son, about to embark on interviews has a better understanding of looking polished, makes direct eye contact and shakes hands with most adults and is more comfortable in those once dreaded “button pants”, and can tie a tie worthy of a future stock broker.

I’m in awe each week as I watch these kids interact with others throughout our community, laughing, dancing and sharing a lifelong memory. So thanks Worthington Cotillion for giving my kids an experience, not a dance lesson, not a etiquette lesson but an experience and in that a fun memory.

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I loved Worthington Cotillion and remember everything I learned! I am so glad that my child gets to participate in these instructional classes too!


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